Just Like Old Times

That “something else” might be something similar to the Hawthorne's. Of course it might not be on that intimate of a level, but to have another individual read our entries and build a joint narrative alongside us – a vision of writing on the web as writing in a shared journal.

I think CJ Eller in this post touched upon something that I didn't know was at the back of my mind; part of me wants my close friends to also be writing journals or writing on their own blogs.

Back when I was in high school, it was me and a couple of friends who were always playing around with computers and consequently the internet. We had our own Archmage guild. We tried to find ways to end up in the same kingdom when playing Utopia. We spent countless nights hanging out on mIRC channels. We had customized Friendster profiles. We had our own blogs. We basically followed each other online, just like close friends do.

Nowadays, none of my friends have blogs or online journals, or at least none that I know of. Most of them are living their online lives inside the walled gardens of Facebook and Instagram. I got out of Facebook for my own reasons, everyone else stayed. I don't blame them for staying, but I was hoping some would also try writing on their own blog or journal. So far, no one has done so yet.

I would love to read blog posts written by my close friends, just like I would love for them to read mine. Honestly, it would mean more to me to have a close friend read my journal entries, rather than some stranger on the internet. This is even more important considering that my close friends live in a totally different continent than I do. We can't just walk out the door to hang out at the nearest cafe.

In any case, this online journal will continue to stand as an invitation to my friends and other people on the internet, to start writing on their own blog, journal or website. It will be fun, just like old times.

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