Experiment Log – 004 | Two Weeks Without A Fitbit Results

This experiment was about going 1 – 2 weeks without using my Fitbit Charge 2. Here is what I discovered from this experiment.

Initially I felt like I was missing something without my Fitbit on my wrist. After a day or so, this feeling went away and was replaced by a feeling of liberation.

It wasn't all good results though.

So what now?

As of last night, I started wearing my Charge 2 again before I went to bed. I wore it to the office today and I'll most likely keep wearing it until I find a better alternative for my new use case.

Specifically, when I'm at the office, I want to be able to use it to track my steps, but not have to wear it on my wrist. When I'm not at the office, I'm okay with wearing it on my wrist. I also still want it to be able to track my sleep and workouts, so I cannot replace it with a basic pedometer. I still want an activity tracker like a Fitbit that has a decent mobile app.

As of right now, the only possible solution to the scenario I gave above, is to buy a Fitbit Inspire and use it with the clip-on accessory when I'm at the office. Then when I get home, or if I'm out of the office, I can wear my Charge 2. I think that will work but I'll have to try it out first.

Lastly, you might remember me ranting about the news that Google bought Fitbit and that I don't want them to get my health data. I think I have a workaround for that. I can backup my existing health data and ask Fitbit to delete my account. Then I can create a new account using a pseudonym and use that with my Fitbit devices. Whether or not it will get to that, I still don't know, but I think it might be a good workaround nonetheless.

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