Experiment Log – 003 | Disabling Stats Link Results

So when I started this experiment, I wanted to see what would happen if I disable the ability for me to view this site's stats. The result, a much better online writing experience. Not being influenced by the number of readers I get, allows me to simply not worry about it. It makes it easier to just write about something I want to write about. It makes it easier to write for myself.

As a related update to the results from Experiment Log – 001, I found that the number of readers did not increase in the 2nd half of that experiment. It stayed low when my posts were not being listed in the Read.Write.As feed. As I stated in the results for that experiment though, I no longer care about that.

I no longer care about that, because some of the people who are meant to read this online journal, can't even read yet. I'm talking about my 3 year old son, and the second one that is coming next year.

Some people have mentioned that blogging these days sometimes feels like writing into the void. I can tell you that is not true. The fact that I know people have mentioned it, means that I read their posts. There's not much interaction with posts, because there's no comments system yet. But people are reading your posts, especially if your posts show up on the Read.Write.As feed. That I think is one of the benefits of this “writing” platform.

So what now?

After I publish this post, I'm disabling the ability to view my site's stats again. In my case, it does more harm than good, so I'll keep it disabled. As a compromise, if I really want to, I'll allow myself to enable it maybe just once or twice a year.

Have a good evening everyone!

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