Workaround for Spotify Shuffle Play Issue

For some reason, Spotify “Shuffle Play” does not work at all on my car. When I play a playlist with “shuffle” turned on, it will work fine for a number of songs, but after that, it starts playing songs in alphabetical order by artist or title.

The problem specifically is that the Spotify app will randomize a set number of songs and then put them in your play queue. Once you reach the end of the queue, it should randomize a new set of songs again and add them to your queue. This is the part that doesn't seem to work in my car. It will generate a random list of songs the first time, but then it gets stuck after that and just goes through songs in alphabetical order. This apparently is an issue specific to my car, a 2013 Mazdaspeed3, so I would think this also affects 2010-2013 model year Mazda3s with the Bose audio unit. My wife, who drives a 2016 Mazda does not have this problem.

After scouring the internet for solutions to this, an idea in the Spotify community forums led to this workaround:

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