What did it feel like to be happy with just a balloon?

Do you remember when something as simple as a balloon on a stick made you happy as a child?

mnml asked a good question recently. I remember a time when a balloon made me happy as a child, but I don't remember why it made me happy. Nor do I remember what the feeling was like to be happy with a balloon. That's kinda sad to be honest. This is one of the unfortunate things about growing up.

My son is at that age where a balloon still fascinates him. I remember him playing with his T-Rex balloon that never seemed to run out of air. He would bounce it as high as it would go, or try to ride it like a horse. I wonder when it will end for him. Or if it has already ended. I recently just threw that balloon away because it was big, took up space and he doesn't play with it everyday. I'm sorry Davin.

For some reason my brain is telling me I need to re-read the book titled “The Little Prince.” Maybe I will find some answers there.


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