Weeknotes – 006

Watched The Mandalorian last week and it kept getting better and better. It culminated in a jaw dropping season finale that in my opinion, has revived interest in the Star Wars story for most fans. If you are a fan of Star Wars, you have to watch The Mandalorian.

Figured out how to convert the “Published” date in Wyam into the GMT equivalent of my local time. You can find my solution here.

Side-note: I am liking the new “discussion” feature on Github.

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Moved to my new team at work last week. It was hectic. Between trying to keep up with multiple chat threads, emails, meetings, I was playing catch-up the whole day. That said, they are a fun bunch. And I've found myself laughing a lot during our meetings.

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I was listening to the Guild Wars 2 OST, while doing Production support. At one point, it felt like I was fighting a world boss while trying to fix an issue. 😀

The particular song I was listening to was Shadow of the Dragon. Try to listen to it while working on a bug or issue, it will be fun haha.

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