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Shadow and Bone on Netflix.

I'll try to make this quick. Me and the wife finished Season 1 and we love it. Can't wait for Season 2. The wife is already digging into the first book. And she's not normally one to read a book just because of a show or movie she watched. But she was really interested in this one. And so am I.

Yes, this show is based off a book, the Grisha Trilogy of books to be exact.

I particularly love the world that was introduced to me in this show. I love the Russian inspired world and lore of the story. I love the language and the words/terminology they use. I love the setting. I love the plot.

I love the cast of characters. Kaz is like this mastermind/tactician, who reminds me of Jorg Ancrath from the book Prince of Thorns. I have a crush on Inej, who is this rogue like character with a very strong faith in her gods, like Leliana from Dragon Age. Then there's the hilarious Jesper, who I would categorize as like a comedic gunslinger.

By the way, those three characters are not even the main characters in this story. But they made the show really entertaining.

And there's The Fold.

The Fold can be compared to the Ilshara in The Licanius Trilogy, or The Wall in Game of Thrones. It is like this huge, epic geographical piece that the story revolves around. The Fold is a massive dark cloud that stretches far enough to divide countries. They cross The Fold in sailboats that sail on top of land. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. But you have to watch the show to understand how they do it. It's a very interesting setup to create a story on.

I have not read enough fantasy novels to be able to compare the story to another book. So I'll tell you what other stories, books, video games I've seen that might be in the same vein as this one. If you like Lord of the Rings, Magic The Gathering, Dragon Age, The Licanius Trilogy, Prince of Thorns, Avatar: The Last Airbender then you might like this show.

Have I sold you on the show yet? If not, here's the trailer to the show in case you might be interested.

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