Dino’s Journal 📖


Game of Thrones ended tonight and I’m a little sad that it did. I was never a big fan of the show to be honest. There was too much nudity and sex scenes that I found it uncomfortable to be watching it around family members. I honestly thought the story itself was good enough to carry the show, but I suppose HBO wanted to make sure they lured in viewers with the nudity.

Anyway, because of that and the show’s penchant for killing off characters, I only really watched Season 1 and sort of drifted in and out of watching the rest of the seasons. It wasn’t until season 7 that the show really got my attention back. It also helped that at this point in the show, there was much less nudity around and a greater focus on the story and action. I watched Season 7 with delight and was looking forward to the finale season.