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It's been awhile since I've played Divinity: Original Sin 2, but after failing on my 5th Ironman Mode attempt at XCOM 2 this was a much needed change.

Note that there might be some spoilers in here especially if you are still early into the game. You've been warned.

I've managed to escape Fort Joy. By doing so, I ended up on a ship, the Lady Vengeance. However the ship is uncontrollable as it is tied to its current owner, Dallis. To wrestle control of the ship, you need to sing the ship a song. The song book is located inside Dallis' chambers in the lower levels of the ship.


Shadow's Eye Crossbow Ifan got a crossbow from Zalsekar the NPC. It had pretty high stats so I gave it to my Ranger. What a difference maker in combat! My Ranger now does some pretty good damage. Weaker enemies are taken out with just 3-4 hits. It probably also helps that I stopped leveling up my Huntsman skill and instead now focus on the Ranged skill, which increases damage from the use of bows and crossbows.

The idea to use the Ranger to strip out Physical Armor from all enemies in the battlefield is a good one. It makes multiple enemies vulnerable to getting knocked down with just one use of the Battlestomp skill.

Using the Restoration skill on Undead enemies is a good way to damage them. It also adds the Regenerating status, which means you end up doing “damage over time” for a few turns. Just make sure no one in the party needs healing before using it on an enemy, because it takes like 4 turns to come off cool-down.

Using the Rain skill is not only useful for putting out fires, but it can help expose cloaked enemies as well!

Lastly, an idea for a party setup in the future; 1 tank and 3 Rangers.

  • The drawback is that without any Mages, there won't be ways to utilize elemental effects in the game and to restore Magical Armor.
  • On the plus side, 3 Rangers can easily strip down Physical Armor on an enemy and possibly take it down in just 1 turn. Also since Rangers have access to the First Aid skill, there is ample healing in the game.
  • Maybe a variation to this would be 1 tank, 2 Rangers and 1 Mage/Cleric.

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Today Fane proved himself to be a valuable member of the party by disarming traps that were located inside a poison cloud. As mentioned previously, Fane being an Undead character, gets healed when he gets hit with poison. It was super easy to disarm the traps by just having Fane walk to them.

The lure them to a “choke point” strategy I mentioned previously definitely works. I've used it 3 times already and it has made a difference in battles. Also, make sure your melee fighter or tank has the “Opportunist” talent. This enables that character to make “Attacks of Opportunity” if any enemy tries to slip past them while they are guarding the choke point. Screenshots below show one battle where I used this strategy.

Choke Point Screenshot 1 In the screenshot above you can see my party's formation. I have Ifan, my tank up front by the door. Just behind him are Lohse and Fane who are basically support characters. Then all the way back is my Ranger.

Choke Point Screenshot 2 This second screenshot shows how the enemy AI was positioning his units. You can see how most of them aren't even really involved in the fight. Which is what we want when using this strategy.

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So here's what I've learned so far with regards to Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

This game is hard. Like really hard. I'm only playing in “Classic mode”, which if I understand correctly, is the normal difficulty level. Fights are hard. I've seen the “Game Over” screen more times than I care to remember. Game over


So I've played 3 hours of Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition on the Xbox One and here's what I've learned so far:

  • You only get to create 1 character at the start of the game. I was not expecting that, but it is what it is. This is not like Icewind Dale then in that regard. Character creation full armor

  • I found it hard to make a character look good... The faces that were available in the game, were err ugly LOL. I ended up with an “okay” looking character after giving him a beard. Character creation closeup

  • I selected two “tags” for my character (Noble and Soldier), but I think it was possible to select just one, or even none at all. Will have to remember that for next time I create another character.

  • The camera in this game is really good. A stark difference compared to Wasteland 2, where I found I was fighting the camera most of the time.

  • The Origin characters show up as possible companions in the game. And you get to choose what class they will be before you decide to let them travel with you.

  • Be careful trying to back-stab enemies. It is just as easy for other enemies to back-stab your character as well. Backstabbing in this game is simply positioning a character behind the target and then attacking. Any attack from this position is considered a back-stab. The first time I tried it, I was successful. The enemy AI though did the same thing to my character right after. Fail.

  • Combat in this game can be hard. I already saw the game over screen at least twice haha.

  • It is very important to save your game before doing anything. Use the quick save as much as you want.

  • To check what conditions are affecting your characters and to find out how long they will last, you have to open the character screen using the radial menu.

On a different note, I also made it to the last 2 games of my Master League season in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. My team is at the top of the standings. My two strikers are the leading goal scorers in the league. It's all going so well actually that I'm considering raising the difficulty at the start of the next season.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition is on sale on the Xbox One for only $35.99! I have been wanting to purchase this game since last week, but it was selling at like $55. This sale came just in time for payday too.

Character creation

I'm looking forward to playing this game tonight. The reviews for this game are stellar. It is supposedly one of the best western-style RPG adventure games around. I don't know how good it is until I play it, but it sounds promising.