Reflection On: Consumption Vs Production

Production is the act of creating output, good, or service which has value to others.

Consumption is the act of satisfying one’s needs. – From Consumption Vs Production

Great reminder and a coincidence, because lately I've been asking myself the question, “does what I post on my site provide value to others?”

I found that if I try really hard, I can easily spin it to a point where whatever I post, provides value to others. I can even spin it to say, I'm providing value to myself. But am I really providing value to myself? Or am I just trying to satisfy a need to post online?

I've said it in my About page that I intended for this online journal to be an alternative for posting status updates that I would have been doing on social media platforms like Facebook. So am I really producing or just scratching the itch to post or share something online? I don't know, but this was a good post that made me once again, stop and think about what I'm trying to accomplish on here.

Tags: #Reflection

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