Music Log – My Top Songs of 2019

For my last music log for the year 2019, I'm sharing my top 3 songs as reported by Spotify.

The first song is “Throne” by Bring Me The Horizon. Apparently this rock band has been making music for awhile now, but it wasn't until their 2015 album “That's The Spirit” that I really started to take notice. This track is probably my favorite Bring Me The Horizon song, so I'm not surprised it is at the top of the list. However, there is another reason why this ended up being my top song for 2019.

Early this year, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown came out and I was hooked on that game for months. During that time, I seriously thought about making an Ace Combat 7 music video using this song. I thought that the lyrics in this song, fits really well with some of the narrative in the game. So I kept listening to this song, constructing the scenes in my mind. Eventually I decided not to go through with it due to copyright issues, but I guess I listened to the song too much that it is now my top song for 2019.

This next track is “3 AM” by the rock band Chiodos. I have never heard of Chiodos before, until one day I heard this song playing on my brothers PC. This is a really good song with some lessons to teach about regret and taking things for granted. In other words, don't make the same mistake that the guy in this song made. If you think you've found the one for you, don't let them slip away.

I wish I would've loved you instead of being selfish, And being so obsessed in my dreams. Oh, look at me! I'm surrounded by the lonely. I thought that I could win you back because I've always had it. ... but love is a tricky thing. It's what they never taught, that when you lose what you love, You lose a piece of your heart.

All I wanted was the world. All you wanted was me.

It's only in the end when you were gone, I didn't realize what I had lost. These one night stands are meaningless... But I'm lying in bed, with a girl I just met, At 3am.

My last song for today is “Lighthouse” by Word Alive. I honestly didn't expect this song to be my 3rd top song for 2019, however this is still a pretty good anthemic rock song that is just a pleasure to listen to.

So that's it for music logs for 2019. I hope next year brings more awesome music to listen to. Happy New Year everyone!

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