Music Log – 034 | Rock Covers from Our Last Night and SYCAMOUR 🎵

It's a rather gloomy Friday. But I welcome the cooler temperatures, if only to get away from the Texas summer heat. Time for another music log then. Today's music log features rock covers of some popular hits.

Note that I'm trying something new in this music log. In addition to the embedded YouTube videos, I also added song links. This gives readers more options to listen or even purchase a song. They are not affiliate links. I do not get paid whatsoever if you decide to click on one of those links. I just thought of adding them to support the artists.

First up is “Mirrors” by Our Last Night. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the band Our Last Night makes some of the best rock covers I've heard. This is no exception. This a great rock cover of Justin Timberlake's hit song “Mirrors”.

Song links:

Second and last song for today is this really good rock cover of Adele's “Set Fire To The Rain”, by the band SYCAMOUR. This cover sounds so polished and clean. There's some minor screaming towards the end, but not enough to detract from the joy of listening to this cover.

Song links:

And that's it for today's music log. Hope y'all have a good weekend.

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