Music Log – 032 | Music from The Piano Guys

Looks like it's been over a month since I wrote a music log entry. And since it's Friday, here's a new one. Today's music log will once again feature piano/cello covers by The Piano Guys. I love listening to their covers. They're always great re-arrangements of popular hits. They make them sound like their own. And they make them sound beautiful. I credit them for my recent appreciation of classical musical instruments, like the piano and cello. That or I'm just getting old. Probably a bit of both. 😄

Anyway, first one for today is a cover of “Just The Way You Are”, originally by Bruno Mars. I love that they simply didn't follow along with the original melody and tune. Instead, they took inspiration from the original song and re-arranged it to where it sounds like at times, an original piece. Beautiful cover of the original.

Next one is a cover of the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit OST. This is an outstanding cover. More so if you consider that they only used a piano and cello for this cover. I'm a fan of the LoTR and a fan of the movies. This cover filled me with so much frisson while listening to it. They made it sound as epic as the original soundtrack. I could close my eyes while listening to this and feel like I'm in Middle-earth. Amazing job on this cover.

Last one for today is a cover of “Epiphany”, originally by BTS. If you haven't heard of BTS, then you probably don't have any teenagers around. My sisters love them. BTS is a very popular South Korean boy-band. As usual, this is a very good piano/cello cover of the original.

I was so into this cover that I couldn't stop myself from trying to at least figure out the main chords. Here they are: F – Dm – B♭ – C

And that's it for today. Happy Friday and y'all have a good weekend!

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