Music Log – 031 | Songs from Volbeat and Honor Society

One thing I learned this week, is that it is hard to climb up three flights of stairs with a face mask on. By the time I got to my cubicle, I had shortness of breath... Anyway, it's Friday. Last day of the week that I have to work at the office. Then I'll be working from home again for the next two weeks. So I'm gonna celebrate with another music log entry.

First song for today is “Last Day Under the Sun” by Volbeat. Volbeat is that really good Danish rock band that I never knew about. Well, not until I heard them in one of the Top 50 Rock Songs countdown from years past. Volbeat has a very unique sound similar to bands from the late 90s and early 2000s. You'll know the song playing is a Volbeat song, because it sounds like a Volbeat song.

Anyway, this track is a pretty good one. Not too heavy on metal or rock. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it. It sounds more like mainstream rock, or maybe it's just plain old rock and roll. Beautiful ending to the music video too.

Next song for today is “Where Are You Now?” by Honor Society. This one is a pretty good pop-rock track. Clean and melodic, a typical pop-rock song really. Yet, I still love listening to it. Maybe it's because of the narrative in the song. This song is about recognizing the fact that you won't be who you are today, if not for the people who were a part of your life in the past. The song ends with these beautiful lyrics:

To the ones who cared And who were there from the start To the love that left and took a piece of my heart To the few who'd swear I'd never go anywhere Where are you now?

Where are you now? Cause I'm thinking of you You showed me how How to live like I do If it wasn't for you I would never be who I am

If it wasn't for you I would never be who I am If it wasn't for you I'd be nothing Where are you now?

Happy Friday y'all!

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