Music Log – 028 | Falling in Reverse Part 2

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This is part 2 of the Falling In Reverse music log edition. Let's start off with the song “Fuck You and All Your Friends”. Don't let the title of the song stop you from trying to listen to it. It is a really great track with an awesome build up to the chorus. The reason the title is so negative, is because if I'm not mistaken, the song is based off the fractured relationship between the band's vocalist and his friends from his previous band (before he formed Falling In Reverse).

Next song is “Loser”, which is an awesome track with some really good lyrics. This is one of the tracks where I felt like Falling In Reverse has now started to mature in their song writing. And I don't know why, but I just connect with this song. I love it!

You're always getting me high, then you're pulling me low. Then you beg me to stay, but you want me to go. You're always telling me “yes”, but your answer is “no”. If you want me to guess, I'm just a stranger you know. If you call this winning why do I feel like a loser?

Last song for today is “Keep Holding On”. As you can read from the title, this song has a beautiful message about holding on. In fact the singer directly addresses the kids listening to this song and tells them to keep holding on. I love that.

Also, this song is pretty much the singer's life story summarized into one awesome track. Usually musicians who create really beautiful, meaningful music, are those who went through so much in their lives. This is showcased in this song. I mean just look at the lyrics below, especially the part where he says “They sing my songs and feel my pain, cause pain is what creates my fame.” That's some deep shit right there. This is one of their best songs in my opinion.

I thought I had myself all figured out But I've spent my whole life holding myself down And it seems to be that sort of thing I keep doing constantly Addicted to the pain I cause myself

My head is floating somewhere in the clouds While I'm paid to entertain a lively crowd They sing my songs and feel my pain cause pain is what creates my fame A vicious cycle someday I'll get out

I can't believe I'm standing here at all, I can't believe I made it this far On my way with a smile on my face to the top and I'm not falling off And all I need is a microphone, I'll sing about the things that have been hurting me It's safe to say all the kids I relate to their lives so just keep holding on

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