Music Log – 025 | Finch

After a very hectic week where I had to work overtime to finish my task, yes just one task for a single 2-week sprint, I'm so glad that it's Friday and that we're on a new, hopefully, much less stressful sprint. I'll celebrate by writing a music log entry for one of my favorite rock bands, Finch.

It all started with this track, “What It Is to Burn?” This song was my first introduction to “Screamo” back in the early 2000s. I've heard of other emo, post-hardcore bands back then, but no one combined screaming with beautiful melodies like the band Finch did. When I first heard the song, I was amazed that a band could make a song sound so good even when it featured some all-out screaming vocals. It sounded insane and blissful at the same time.

Finch was one of those bands that got me through a tough time in college. Their music was basically the soundtrack of my life then and it served to form the basis of my musical tastes going forward. While I'm still very much into pop-rock and pop-punk, I would never be listening to post-hardcore and metalcore bands nowadays if it wasn't for Finch.

Second song for today is “Perfection Through Silence”. This is another good rock song from Finch. This song is so simple and yet it's still so good. The chords are simple. The lyrics are short and simple. Yet when I play this song on the guitar, I find myself singing the chorus over and over.

Last song for today is “Letters to You”. This is my favorite Finch track because this one, I can sing to my wife. This song is so good, that even Coney, my wife, who is not really a fan of hard rock music, sings it every time she listens to it. This song also came in handy during the times that we were in a long-distance relationship. That's because the lyrics on this song are beautiful and perfect for couples spending time apart.

I'm writing again These letters to you aren't much I know But I'm not sleeping and you're not here The thought stops my heart

Do you notice I'm gone? Where do you run to So far away?

I want you to know that I miss you, I miss you so

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