Music Log – 021 | Songs from Skillet and Red

It's been almost a month since my last music log. Some significant things have happened that prevented me from having enough free time to write down music logs on Fridays. Anyway, it is Friday, I have a bit of time after an exhausting session of running into one bug after another, none of which are caused by the code changes I'm trying to test.

Anyway the two songs I have lined up today are inspirational and uplifting songs. How much of a coincidence is it, that these are the songs that are next in my list to share in a music log entry, all while the world is going through a global pandemic?

First up is the song “Brave” by Skillet. I love, love, love the lyrics on this song. This song goes out to everyone on the front lines fighting to keep this virus from overwhelming the world.

Wherever I will go Wherever you will lead I'll never walk alone Your spirit is with me oh oh oh oh oh You're with me as I go So I will not be afraid

You call me to be brave In you, in you Brave In you, you call me to be brave

Second song for today is “Not Alone” by Red. Another song with beautiful, beautiful lyrics. This song is set up in such a way that it feels like God is talking to me when I listen to it. I mean, just look at the lyrics below. It sounds like He's talking to the listener in this song.

I love the lyrics in the chorus when He says, “I am with you, I will carry you through it all.” There's also the two striking lines at the end of the bridge, where it goes “And when you're finally in my arms, look up and see love has a face.” I don't know why, but those lines hit me hard. What a comfort it is to know a God that loves me that much.

Slowly fading away You're lost and so afraid Where is the hope in a world so cold Looking for a distant light Someone who could save a life You're living in fear that no one will hear your cries Can you save me now

I am with you I will carry you through it all I won't leave you I will catch you When you feel like letting go Cause your not, your not alone

And I'll be your hope when you feel like its over And I will pick you up when your whole world shatters And when you're finally in my arms Look up and see love has a face

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