Music Log – 020 | Songs from Rev Theory and Creed

For today's music log, I have two songs with really great intros. I'm talking about the kind of intros that will get you pumped up and ready to rock. I'm deviating from my usual sharing of songs from Spotify, to instead sharing music videos from Youtube. This is so you can actually listen to the intros of these two great rock songs.

First up is the song “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory. I've only heard of Rev Theory a few years ago, but this song is apparently from way back in 2008. I know musical taste is subjective, but I believe this song has one of the best intros as far as rock and roll songs goes.

Second song for today is “What If” by Creed. I believe one reason Creed made so much good music back in the day was because of Mark Tremonti on the guitars. The intro to this song starts nice and slow, but it comes alive as soon as Scott Stapp starts singing. With the right speakers or headphones, this is pure musical bliss.

This song takes me back to my high school days and to one memory in particular. I was probably in my junior or senior year. I was in a group that was supposed to make a presentation on historical figures from Philippine history, or was it for characters from the Noli Me Tangere novel? Can't remember exactly. Either way, we ended up presenting them as runway models, a la fashion show, and we used the song “What If” as the background music. It was a total riot and our teacher was pissed, but I remember hearing some cheers from my classmates back then. Wow, those were good times.

By the way, it's not just the intro on this song that is good, the whole song is great. It would also make a great Avengers music video. If not for copyright issues, I would have already made one. I can see this song playing in the background while Captain America and Iron Man face off against Thanos and his minions. Would be an awesome music video. Anyway, here's the song, enjoy.

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