Music Log – 019

Similar to my previous music log entry, the two songs I have lined up today are punk rock covers of popular hit songs.

Let's start off with “Hello” by Dayseeker. As you can probably tell by the title, this is another cover of a famous song from Adele. I've heard a number of covers for this song, including one from Lukas Rossi and another from Coheed and Cambria. As far as rock covers go though, this might be the best one.

Second track for today is “I Just Died In Your Arms” by Throw The Fight. This is a cover of the original song from the band Cutting Crew. I was born in the 80s, so the original song makes me nostalgic. Whenever I hear it, I remember my childhood days running around the house listening to this song on FM radio. It also reminds me of the countless nights spent playing the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City. That video game had the best soundtrack ever. Anyway, back to this song. This is a great rock cover of a pop song from the 80s. If “I Just Died In Your Arms” was just written this year, it would probably sound like this.

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