Music Log – 017

Another Friday, another music log. I only have two songs for today but they are really good rock songs.

Let's start with “Sick of Me” by Beartooth. Most of their songs fall on the heavy metal, hard rock side of things, but they have a few which are the perfect combination of those genres. This song is one of them. This is a great song about making the effort and pushing yourself, so you end up in a far better place than where you are right now.

I lost six of my years Fighting fire with fear And it's tearing me apart inside I can point all the blame Try to relieve the shame But I think it's time I took back my life

'Cause I'm sick of the person I used to be So stressed out, burned out, living in my agony Hated all the words that they said to me So I jacked up, blacked out, wasted all those memories

I won't go back ... 'Cause I'm sick of you I'm sick of me I'm sick of the person I used to be

And let's end with “Follow my Voice” by For All Those Sleeping. This song is a good combination of heavy metal, hard rock, screamo and pop-punk. This is a really good anthemic rock song with a good message; whatever it is you're struggling through, you don't have to go at it alone. Find strength in other people who are fighting the same battle and keep fighting.

Scars can be so hard to hide When all around is flawless But where we've been makes us who we are But in the darkest times You find out what you're made of And I swear there's more To you than you know

Alone we may be lost But together we stand tall

Follow my voice Let me carry you away I can see you're broken But we're all the same We're all the same

Follow my voice And let me carry you away I can see you're lost and alone So let this song guide you

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