Music Log – 016

It is a rainy Friday in Texas, time for another music log.

The first song for today is “What Would Love Do?” by Scott Stapp. If you don't know who Scott Stapp is, he was the vocalist for the rock band Creed, which was one of my favorite bands back in high school. I don't remember why they've disbanded, but the rest of the band members are still making music in another rock band, Alter Bridge.

Anyway back to the song, this is a beautiful song about the power of love. Not the cheesy corny kind, but the kind of love that stops you from giving in to your rage. I really love the lyrics on this song.

Go ahead and throw it in my face Remind me of each of my mistakes Turn on me tell me I'm wrong that it's all my fault I feel I'm losing control Putting my fists through the wall This is the place that I break I can't take anymore I see the fear in your eyes I'm frozen standing still in time

What would love do? If it were here in this room, standing between me and you. What would love do? It would look in my face and stop me from hurting you. That's what love would do

Next song for today is "Let It Burn" by the band Red. This song is a cry for help, to a God who doesn't seem to be present, who doesn't seem to be doing anything to stop a city from burning. Some years ago, my hometown, the city where I was born, was under siege. Throughout the whole ordeal, this song kept playing at the back of my head. When will He finally show up and put an end to it? I imagine this song will resonate with a lot of people going through a similar thing.

I watch the city burn These dreams like ashes float away Your voice I never heard Only silence Where were you when our hearts were bleeding? Where were you when it all crashed down? Never thought that you'd deceive me Where are you now?

How long can you stand the pain? How long will you hide your face? How long will you be afraid? Are you afraid? How long will you play this game? Will you fight or will you walk away? How long will you let it burn? Let it burn

Last song for today is “There's No Going Back” by Sick Puppies. This is a great song that talks about learning from past mistakes and moving on, hopefully making better decisions this time.

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