Music Log – 015 | The Cranberries

For my first music log for 2020, I'm starting off with a band I've rediscovered on Spotify, The Cranberries. Listening to their songs transports me back to my high-school/college days. It is very unfortunate that their vocalist passed away as they were finishing up their latest album. Dolores is one of those singers with a unique voice and singing style. You could easily tell if The Cranberries were on the radio because of how she sang.

First song for today is their hit song “Zombie”. This is one of those songs that defined a generation, a generation that was growing up during the 90s. It was one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar so it has something of a sentimental value to me.

This is a great song to learn on an acoustic or bass guitar. The chord pattern is so simple, Em – C – G – D, so all open chords. You could play this over and over again in what would be a fun jamming session with friends.

Next up is the song “Linger”, which is my favorite song from this band. I got so much frisson when I heard this song after a very long time of not hearing it. In my opinion, this is what emo songs were like before emo was invented. Love this song!

Last song for today is another good one, “Dreams”. This song just flows and is one of those songs that I feel like I could listen to all day.

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