Music Log – 014 | Falling in Reverse Part 1

It's a beautiful Friday in North Texas. It is sunny outside but the temp is 48F right now. Felt good when I went out for a drive on my lunch break. Anyway since it is Friday, time for another music log.

This will be Part 1 of the Falling In Reverse music log edition. Wow Falling in Reverse. I don't even know how to describe their music, other than that it might be the best combination of metal, emo, punk, rock, electronica and rap that I've heard so far. Their lead singer Ronnie Radke has had a rough life having been involved with drugs and going to prison. However he uses his personal experiences and uses it as fuel to write some really, really good emotionally charged tracks.

Note: Most of their songs have explicit lyrics. You have been warned.

Let's start with one of their more recent songs, “Losing My Life.” One of the best combination of rap and rock that I've ever heard in a song. I love how it transitions from rap to rock just before the chorus. It also has this sci-fi movie vibe to it.

Next up is the song “It's Over When It's Over.” This is probably my favorite Falling In Reverse song. So much good lyrics in this one track. The song covers a bunch of different experiences that the singer went through: his time in prison, his desperate call to God and his friends/peers hounding him after he got out of jail. Really good song!

I swore to God that I'm never coming back. Kept my faith when I was clacked. Staring at the wall through a crack in the floor. And these metal doors, they've got me trapped. I gotta remind myself that my mind is strong so I won't lose my head. I've got my demons that I fight with, every little thought in every breath.

I wear my heart up on my sleeve so my soul's exposed. And I carry this disease, the weight of the holy ghost. God, can you hear me? God is missing.

Take it back, take it back, my friend, All the things that you said about the end. This is it, this is me telling you it ain't over til it's over. Give it up, give it up, my friend. The score is settled even if you won't admit. Set it down, final hour without a doubt, it's over when it's over.

Last song for today, is the first Falling in Reverse song that I've ever heard, “Bad Girls Club.” This one is not as deep as the previous two tracks I've shared. It is a funny song, with a catchy melody that sounds more like the playful side of punk rock.

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