Music Log – 011

It is Friday, so time for another music log. I deem this music log the Crown The Empire edition.

Let's start slow with “Lead Me Out of the Dark”, a beautiful song featuring just the vocalist and a piano accompaniment. He's not the strongest singer, but there's something raw and real about the way he sings in this track.

Next song is “Millenia” and is my favorite song from this band. Love the lyrics on this track!

So I don't wanna know about the things that you regret, Now that we're dead and over and done Get away from me and leave my heart under the rug.

I've been gone from this world For what seems like millennia Looking for nothing short of a miracle I only ever wanted to come home, Please won't you let me go? When I have no where left I can run away, Will you lie to me, tell me I'll be okay. Close my eyes and lay me in my tomb. Then pull the trigger and send me home.

Let's end on a high note with “Hologram”. The change of pace in the bridge almost makes this sound like a song from STARSET, but this song stands on its own. A really good addictive song!

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