Music Log – 009

Wow what a busy week! I was asked to take over work that needed to be completed today. I had to stay late last Wednesday and Thursday to get a lot of stuff done. I finally completed it today. Code reviewed and checked-in, whew. Let's celebrate with another music log.

First up is a cover of the song “A Million Dreams” by The Piano Guys. I learned to play the piano when I was kid, but didn't continue my lessons. Listening to this cover makes me wish I never stopped going to my piano lessons. I seriously envy being able to play a piano like this. It's just beautiful.

Second song is another cover by The Piano Guys. This time it is a medley of “In My Blood” and “Swan Lake”. This is just a beautiful rendition of both songs, I love it! If you check them out on Spotify, you'll find that they have a lot more good music, some that I'll most likely share in a future music log.

It was totally coincidence that I ran into this third song in Spotify, in another punk goes pop playlist. Curiously the title is also “In My Blood”, just like the one in the second track I shared above. It turns out the original is a song from Shawn Mendes. This is an outstanding cover of the original song! First time I heard it, I was like, Wow! Who are these guys?! Turns out Cemetery Drive is a rock band hailing from Italy. I feel like this cover adds raw emotions that the original song was lacking. That said this cover sounds so good, because the original song is already pretty good. By the end of the song, I was like, help me, I cannot stop listening to this song...

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