Music Log – 005

This week has been headlined by shortness of breathe due to nasal allergies triggered by something in my car, most likely something wrong with my car's air conditioner. The car is at the shop now getting the AC checked. Anyway it is Friday, so time for another music log.

I only have 1 song lined up for today, but it is a really good one. This one you can sing to your significant other. It is “You 'N Me” by Jason Lancaster.

Cause it's just you and me And you smile so only I can see And every second's better than before And I can't wait to see the ones in store Cause when you sing I sing And if the sun goes down on me Then I will know that I was loved at least The puzzle that was once my heart you've pieced Into a beautiful display of how specifically I needed you And even when it's darkest you have me

What a beautiful song! I dedicate this song to my wife while I listen to it at work.

If you don't know who Jason Lancaster is, he used to sing for Mayday Parade back when they were just starting out, back when emo music was still popular. He left Mayday Parade and formed another band, Go Radio, and wrote some really good songs with that band as well. He then left Go Radio and released a solo album, which is where this song comes from. No matter what band he was in, or if he's singing solo, Jason sings with a lot of heart and writes really good lyrics. I am a fan and am hoping he comes up with another album in the future.

Happy Friday everyone!

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