How to Change Order of Pinned Pages

Just figured out how to change the order of the pinned pages on this powered site. The order is based off when you pin a page. The most recent pinned page shows up at the end of the list. So, then it's simply a matter of unpinning pages, then pinning them again in a certain order, right? Yes and no.

The problem is that the “Pin” functionality is only available when viewing the list of posts on your homepage. Once you unpin a page that was written say, months or even years ago, you would have to scroll back possibly through multiple pages to find the post you want to pin.

My solution to this was to first update the “Created” date metadata, setting it to “now” or today's date. Then you can unpin it and it should show up as the first post on your homepage. Now, you can easily pin it again.

If you wanted to retain the original “Created” date value, you can write it down before you start updating it. Or you can just download/export a backup of your site before attempting this.

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