Note: Wrote this as a submission to today's Write.As Cues prompt. I thought I'd keep a copy of it regardless if it gets posted or not.

A lot of people are probably familiar with the old proverb, “home is where the heart is.” I find that old proverb to still ring true today.

Home to me is not a country, a city or a place. Home is where my family is. Home is where my wife and kids are. Home is where my dad and mom and siblings are. Home is where my trusted friends are.

Expanding on that thought, I believe it is possible to never be truly at home at a given point in time. Like right now for instance, I have my family with me, but my close friends are not anywhere nearby.

We should cherish the time we spend with whoever we consider part of our “home.” As eventually the time will come when we all have to leave this world.


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