Goodreads Reading Challenge 2019

I thought I would challenge myself to read more books this year. I decided to set the bar low and aim for completing just 5 books. I consider 5 books a low bar because from what I’ve seen online, other people can finish 5 books in just a few months. I on the other hand, probably have read maybe 2 books, most likely just 1 book per year, for the past decade.


So I consider finishing 5 books this year a good accomplishment. This would not have been possible had I still been addicted to social media and my smartphone. I also credit the Digital Minimalism book in helping me find more time to read books.

Actually I finished reading 6 books already this year, I forgot to add The Five People You Meet In Heaven to the list on Goodreads before I took the screenshot. I'm also reading another one that should be completed in a few weeks.

Out of the 5 books I have read this year, I consider Deep Work to be a “life-changing” book. It has totally changed how I view spending my time at work and even at home.

I would say the most fun read was Digital Minimalism. Fun in the sense that I was ecstatic whenever I read about a new tip/trick that can help me reclaim more of my time and attention.

The ultimate page turner out of all of them was The Shadow of What Was Lost. Really good book which gives off a Lord of the Rings vibe. Lots of interesting characters, each with their own story lines. The plot twist at the end was crazy! I already have the second book from this trilogy in my backlog.

Next year I’m going to aim for completing 10 books. Not sure if I can hit that goal, but I will definitely try. It helps that my wife seems to want to buy me books even if I can pay for them myself. I guess that makes me one lucky guy.

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