Formula 1: Drive to Survive First Impressions

So I just watched the pilot episode of this new show, Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix and I am really impressed with it. I used to be a big Formula 1 fan back when I was in college, but have not been keeping up the past few years. Watching the pilot episode has rekindled in me the desire to watch the races again.

I am not even sure how they filmed this. It looks like a movie, like a fictional movie, but it is not. They managed to take real life footage and make it look like a movie. The part in the episode where they were building up to the start of the race was very cool.

I'm used to watching races live. You have the commentators talking with each other, you have the race data on the screen and you see the drivers racing. You never get to see what happens behind the scenes though. And that's what you get to watch in this show.

You get to see that there are human beings behind all this, that they have dreams and ambitions just like the rest of us. And you get to see what it looks like when all those come crashing down. It is crazy to say this, but I actually got a little teary eyed when the episode showed the Haas team losing both their cars. (That is not a spoiler by the way, because that's what happened in the first race during the 2018 season.) Getting emotional like that would have never happened to me had I been watching the live race.

If you're a fan of racing or motorsport in general, I think you should definitely try to watch the first few episodes. I'm glad I did.

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