Deactivating Public Instagram Account

As of this month, I would say it has been about a year since I've deactivated my Facebook account. I don't have any intentions of going back, so I would consider my attempt to get off Facebook, a success. Now I'm turning my attention to Instagram.

Update: I ended up creating a new Facebook account, here's why. My public Instagram account is still deactivated.

I have two Instagram accounts; a public one and a private one. I'm looking at deactivating my public Instagram account.

The plan is to replace that public Instagram account with this online journal. Instead of posting photos on that account, I will post the photos on here. I'm thinking of starting a new series called “Photo Log” which will basically feature photos, just like posting photos on Instagram. My first attempt at trying out that idea was this post.

I know has a photo album feature. I might look into that as well in the future.

Why Am I Doing This?

I want to take back control of my data. I want to move it out of a social network and move it into a domain that I control. I want this site to be the place that you go to, if you want to look at photos that I've shared online.

Before I can deactivate my account though, I need to figure out the following steps:

Now The Irony

Part of the reason I still have Instagram accounts is because there is content on there that is hard to find elsewhere online.

All that to say, I might end up creating an Instagram account purely for curating a feed and viewing content. No posting of photos, just a way to view content. Ironic, yes I know, but I don't know of an alternative solution to being able to view content from a curated feed without an account.

Anyway, I could probably re-use my public Instagram account to just view photos, but people might start asking what happened with my account or why I un-followed their accounts, etc... I don't want to deal with that. So I'll just create a new one.

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