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I find myself craving silence more and more. I don't listen to Spotify on the way to work some days and I stopped listening to podcasts a couple years ago. I realized that when I listened to podcasts, I wasn't relaxed. It was just too much talking going on in a world where people don't know when to shut up. Again, I say assault on my senses, because that's the way it truly feels to me. It's like my brain has reached a limit on how much intake it can take on any single day. – From The Quiet by Brandon's Journal

Cal Newport mentioned something similar in his books. Like when people take a break and go out for a walk or run. Most people I see put their earphones on. So, they're most likely listening to music or podcasts. I used to do the same thing. I was taking a break from what I was doing, but my mind was still draped in distraction. Whether that be from the music or podcast I'm listening to, my mind is not allowed a moment of rest. The point being, our brains could use a break too.

Again, I reference back to a blog post I made a few weeks ago about being Disconnected and I wonder if I need to scale back even more. – From The Quiet by Brandon's Journal

Not sure if you've read them already. But based on what I'm reading in your posts, I think you would enjoy reading Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism and Deep Work books.

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