Apple Maps vs Waze

I used Waze for several years before switching to Apple Maps this year. My main reason for switching to Apple Maps was mostly due to privacy concerns. When the drive notifications on Waze stopped working for me, I took it as a cue to try out another navigation app. Here are the differences that I’ve noticed between these two navigation apps:

Apple Maps


After using Apple Maps for a few months, it is now my preferred navigation app for everyday driving, especially for my weekday commutes. Minimal battery consumption, no ads and less privacy concerns are its best traits.

I still do occasionally use Waze though. I feel like Waze is a superior navigation app when getting to know a city, as it can teach you about roads you might not even consider driving on. So, whenever I'm driving to an unfamiliar destination, or there is heavy traffic on the way (like driving to a concert), I prefer to use Waze. Once I'm comfortable driving to and from a specific destination, I switch back to using Apple Maps for future drives to that destination.

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