Warriors Sweep the Trailblazers

Like I said before, I’m not a Golden State Warriors fan, but I’m a basketball fan and the Warriors played great basketball tonight. They were down 17 points and came back to win it in overtime.

Portland played well for the most part, but they got out-rebounded on crucial possessions and their defense was not consistent. Still they deserve credit for making it to the Western Conference finals. I’m sure Lilard will use this as motivation to get even better next season.

The Warriors didn’t have to win tonight. They were up 3-0. They could have said “we’ll save our energy and win it back home”, but they didn’t. It’s like they have this extra gear that other teams don’t. And once they are in that gear, they are relentless.

They did all this without Durant, Iguodala and Cousins in the lineup tonight. Sure Steph and Klay had to work a lot harder to make their shots, but they made them and they won the game. Steph even played the whole 2nd half! This just shows how much Curry, Thompson and Green held back their game because of the addition of Durant to the lineup. They are this good even without KD. Of course we all knew that before KD decided to join them.

And that’s the scary thing about this Warriors team. Even if Durant decides to leave Golden State in the upcoming free agency, it won’t matter. As long as they have the big three of Curry, Thompson and Green, they will always be championship contenders. They will be the team to beat for years to come.

Unfortunately I think my friend is right. With the way the Warriors are playing, I think the only hope for another Western Conference team to beat them is to wait for their big three to get old. That’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

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