Journal Entry – XVI

Vacation Week Is Over

And so I’m going back to work tomorrow. I’m not dreading going back to work, which is good. I am actually looking forward to fixing bugs and writing code.

I played a lot of video games during my time off. More than I wanted to, but what can I say, playing video games is one of my favorite hobbies. It has been ever since I was a kid.

The main reason I took the week off was because I was starting to feel burned out at work. I spent a week or two working 12 hours a day early this year to hit a deadline. I was successful but my body never seemed to recover. Then at the end of April I got sick and the week after, I had to get all my wisdom tooth extracted. I was taking pain meds most of the day and have been until a few days into my vacation. I feel like my body has caught up now. I got a lot of sleep this week, which was great.

Throughout this vacation week I’ve had Instagram installed on my phone. I’ve checked my feed from time to time, but I haven’t posted anything this week. I’ll call that a win. My itch to post on Instagram has been lessened by being able to write about the games I play on my gaming journal.

Inquiry shared his/her thoughts on a debate I’ve been having with myself, about domain names and this journal. His/her refreshing comments/ideas are much appreciated, I’ve never even thought of it that way. Thanks!

I’ll end this entry with some photos from this week. Gotta put that benefit to use.

Fountain Took a photo of this beautiful fountain after my dental appointment.

Lasagna Chocolate Cake One of the benefits of being off was being able to get lunch with the wife. This is a cake she ordered from Olive Garden.

Carousel A photo of the carousel that my son loves to ride.

Block Tower Lastly this a tower made of blocks. The first one that me and my son built together.

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