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I went from an Archive Page that used an embedded Glitch app, to a static Archive Page.

Previously, I used an embedded Glitch app to dynamically create the contents for my Archive page. It worked well, but it was also slow. It was slow because every time you visit the page, the Glitch app had to wake up, then pull all my write.as posts and finally display them in a list. The slowness was a stark contrast to other pages on this site — most of which load very quickly. I also didn't like the idea of depending on a third-party service to serve up the contents of my Archive page.

So, I've been wanting to switch to a static Archive page for awhile now. My problem was that I already had over 350 posts on this site. To get me started, I needed a way to quickly generate a list of all posts on this site. For this, I created a .NET Core console app. This app would get all my posts using the write.as API. Then the app would spit out the list of all posts in HTML format. My first pass actually had it spitting out text in Markdown. But I quickly ran into issues with Markdown and <div> elements not playing well together. So, HTML it was. Anyway, once I had the output on a text file, all I had to do was copy over the HTML and paste it into my Archive page.


Was playing around with Blazor and created this site. It is a static site that has web apps written in C# instead of Javascript. Why? Because with Blazor, you can.

Next step is figuring out how I can embed Blazor apps.

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This is a great resource for anyone who wants to get started with the fundamentals of C# and .NET Core.

Link: Hundreds of practical ASP.NET Core samples to learn the fundamentals

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Harder than it needs to be. Or maybe I was just so used to how easy it was to use with .NET Standard apps/projects. Either way I got it to work using this code.


I was going to copy the code over to here but it turns out I do not have the time to figure out how to write code on write.as. So you get a picture instead.

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