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To anyone/everyone here on w.a that is 35+ years of age, lemme ask you something: do you feel as if being old(er) gives you less options in life? I don’t mean you aren’t capable physically, or even mentally, but are just not capable karmically?

Physically, yes. Mentally, I think being older gives me more options. Karmically, I would say no, because I wouldn't know. I cannot correlate actions in the past that would have stopped me from doing what I plan to do years into the future. I can only observe where I am right now based on my actions in the past, but not with regards to future plans.

Like, you plan for the future and put off a thing (or numerous things) because you can always “do it when you’re older” and then when you get older, you realize that that thing is basically not possible anymore?

Maybe I'm taking this out of context, but this one I learned early on from my then girlfriend, who eventually became my wife. Putting off things will come back to bite you in the ass almost always. I had a habit of doing that and it caused me countless inconveniences. I still sometimes do think this way nowadays, but one look from the wife and I reconsider.

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