Raptors Could Not Finish Off the Warriors

The Toronto Raptors had a golden opportunity to win last night, but the defending champs proved why they are the defending champs.

The 9-0 run to get back the lead was impressive. Steph Curry who was struggling to hit 3 pointers the whole second half, hit a big one. Klay hit a couple more and all of a sudden the Warriors were up 6 points.

The Raptors made a couple of crucial turnovers towards the end that made it harder for them to win the game. Lowry drove and threw a bad pass out to Gasol. Kawhi threw a pass to the wing expecting Danny Green to be there, except Green was making his way through the baseline. Key turnovers that gave the Warriors a fighting chance.

All of that is moot though because the Raptors had one last chance at the end for a game winning shot. The key play for the Warriors was getting the ball out of Kawhi's hands. Kawhi was playing inspired basketball. My friend likened him to Michael Jordan taking over the game. He was really impressive during the 4th quarter.

So considering how Kawhi was playing, I think the Raptors would have preferred that he took the last shot. He didn't, or more so he couldn't. He's not the type of player to force a shot. He made the right play passing the ball out of the double team.

In hindsight, I think it would have been better for the Raptors to run an isolation play for Kawhi to avoid the double team. Maybe set him up at the top and have every one else clear out to the corners. They ended up running a high pick and roll screen and the Warriors timed the double team perfectly, forcing the ball out of Kawhi's hands. The Raptors correctly swung the ball to the wing and Lowry had a good look, but I think Draymond Green got a piece of that ball and so now we end up going to Game 6.

Oh and let's not forget that Durant played really well during the first half, but unfortunately he ended up re-injuring his calf. As someone who was forced to stop playing basketball because of a knee injury, I feel for him, I really do. I hope he can recover and come back to play for a few more years. So yeah, Durant was not even playing the second half. You would think the Warriors would have been deflated and would have simply given up. But no, they just kept fighting and managed to hold on and got the win. That was a really good game of basketball.

I think the Raptors have what it takes to win it at Oakland. They've won at Oakland before. They almost won it last night. This will make for a very interesting Game 6.

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