Playdate Handheld Gaming System


So this is an interesting one. Looks like a throwback to the Nintendo Gameboy days, but with a modern touch. I have a feeling that if my son was older, he would be asking me to get one. The choice to have a monochrome screen is an interesting one, especially considering we are in the age of smartphones with super high resolutions (relative to its size) and sharp looking displays. I suppose that was a way to keep the price down.

Now the addition of a crank, a physical crank that you can use while playing, is a very interesting design choice. I can see that feature being used a lot in games. Of course there is a possibility that people will think it is just a gimmick. It is up to the game designers to really make use of this one.

Speaking of games, this one comes with a different distribution model for games. It looks like you don't buy games outright, like we currently do right now. The games release once a week. Does that mean that you have to get a subscription to get the games? I'm not sure how that will work. Either way, I think they should make it simple and offer consumers a way to simply buy the games they want.

Link: Playdate. A New Handheld Gaming System