Not Playing Violent Videogames While My Son Is Awake

Got to play The Division 2 while my son was taking a nap. I have stopped playing this game while he’s awake, because he started mimicking the action of shooting a gun.

He does that for almost all the video games I play; mimic the action he sees in the game. He mimics NBA players when I play NBA 2K19. He mimics football players when I play Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. He hilariously mimics Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3. I know it’s all just fun and games for him, but mimicking the action of shooting... that was still somewhat alarming to me.

Had I been a parent in the 1980s, I probably wouldn’t care. However the string of school shootings within the past few years has made me wary.

There’s no research that directly correlates violence in video games to violence in real life. At least none that I know of (sorry I didn’t actually do a search before writing this post). However I’m still wary because of how their brains are still very much in a developing stage, this early in their lives. I do not even want to take a chance at possibly messing up his mental development while he grows up.

You might think that I’m being over protective of my son. That’s true, I am. So for now, I won’t be playing overtly violent video games while my son is awake.

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