Moving Game Screenshots Series to Micro Journal

In my continued quest to find ways to replace social media with personal websites, I have decided to move my Game Screenshots series to my Micro Journal. There were a couple of developments recently that led me to this decision.

Out of Place

My game screenshots posts always felt out of place on this site. One of my guiding principles for content on this site, is that they come from my bullet journal. Obviously, video game screenshots and clips do not materialize out of my bullet journal.

There are exceptions to this rule of course, like my Bookmarks series. But in general, I try my best to stick to this rule.

No Reader Interaction

My Game Screenshots and Game Clips posts were always an attempt to mimic what I used to post on Instagram. With that comes the expectation of finding like minded readers. Maybe it's the lack of a commenting system, or maybe there's just not much gamers reading the feed. Either way, I don't get any interaction whatsoever on my game screenshots posts on this site.

On the other hand, with just a few Game Screenshot posts on my Micro Journal, I've already had a few bloggers talk to me about video games. That's really more of what I'm looking for with these posts. I want to share screenshots of video games I'm playing. And I want my posts to find people who share the same passion for video games.

Sunlit 3.0 – Instagram Alternative

The release of Sunlit version 3.0 brings about the best Instagram alternative I've found so far. I wanted an alternative to Instagram that doesn't have a Like or Heart button. This requirement immediately ruled out PixelFed. Sunlit does exactly that.

The photos that show up on Sunlit comes from various blogs that feed into the timeline. This doesn't mean that I can't use a blog to feed into it; I can. But due to their Timeline display rules, my Game Screenshot posts, which show up here with a structured title, will not show up on the Sunlit app. And since I'm not willing to start posting without a title on this site, I'll post it on my Micro Journal instead.

So, with all that said, what happens now?

Side note: One feature I will definitely miss is their clever implementation of the hashtag as a grouping mechanism for posts. I'm getting by with the use of categories and a categories filter on my Micro Journal. But in my opinion, it is inferior to the use of hashtags on this site.

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