Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Xbox

I'm so excited for this! I was wondering when Microsoft would come out with a new Flight Simulator game. The great news here is that it is coming to the Xbox One, so I don't even need to spend money updating my PC gaming rig, which to be honest, is very much outdated nowadays. I can barely play Guild Wars 2 on it.

When I was a kid, my ambition was to become a pilot. A fighter pilot to be exact, well because Top Gun was my favorite movie. Anyway I ended up becoming a software developer, but I've always had interest in flight simulation games.

Just this year, I spent like the first quarter of the year thoroughly engrossed in Ace Combat: Skies Unknown. I love flying planes in a game. Back when I was in college, I spent summer afternoons playing the Microsoft Flight Simulator game. I would spend like an hour just flying a commercial plane from one city to another. It sounds boring, but to me it was weirdly satisfying. This one is definitely on my buy list for 2020.