Journal Entry – XIV

I have the week off, so today was mostly spent just chilling at home.

I got to finish Season 2 of Lucifer on Netflix. That was quite an ending! There were thoughts on love, forgiveness, sacrifice, friendship, compassion, acceptance and parenting in that season ending episode. It is a really good show that is tainted by its title. It is not a demonic cult like show; it is nothing like that. It is actually a crime show with some celestial beings added to the mix. Anyway I still have Seasons 3 and 4 to catch up to.

After 2 weeks of not exercising, I managed to get a workout done while watching Netflix. I stopped exercising because of my wisdom tooth extraction.

On that related note, it's been a little over 2 weeks since my wisdom tooth extraction and I can finally say I no longer need pain meds (well except when I trigger my extremely sensitive tooth that needs filling). Eating solid foods is also manageable now, as long as I am able to irrigate the extraction sites after eating. I'm still probably going to continue getting smoothies for lunch at work, until such time that I no longer feel I have to irrigate after eating. That might take months though, considering the hole in my mouth, but I also don't want to have to irrigate at work, so I'll stick with the smoothies.

The afternoon drive to pick up my son was a relaxing drive, even in a Mazdaspeed3. I keep telling my wife, as long as the drive is not long and there are limited “stop and go” sections on the drive, I feel like I can drive my Speed3 forever. The only times I feel like I want a new car, is when I'm getting gas, or if I'm coming off a long day at work and am faced with a long commute with heavy traffic. Any other time, I thoroughly enjoy driving it. It does feel like it will need a new clutch soon. WOT on second gear doesn't feel as fast as it used to.

Today was a preview of what it would be like if I was already retired. Not that I'm retiring anytime soon. However having ample time for sleeping, exercising, watching TV shows and playing video games, is something I would like to have everyday.

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