Journal Entry – XII

Was quite an eventful day. Took Davin to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a lovely birthday party. It was his first time there and he had so much fun. Actually it was my wife’s and myself’s first time there as well. We had just as much fun as he did, except when it came time to go home.

Davin threw a tantrum when we were about to go home. He was crying so loudly that I could feel the piercing stares from the people around. It didn’t bother me though. The people who were staring looked like people who didn’t have kids. Once you have kids, you will understand that a kid throwing a tantrum is a very common event. When I see it happen to other parents, I smile at them to show them my support.

And to Davin if you’re reading this, don’t worry about it. Mom and Dad were not embarrassed by your tantrum. We love you! Though Mom was understandably pissed when you pulled her hair after we got out to the parking lot! So maybe say sorry to her after reading this haha!

On a different note I decided to make use of the Pro subscription’s feature to put up another blog. It will basically be like a gaming journal that would have notes on what I’ve learned from playing certain games. I didn’t want to clog up this personal journal with journal like entries about playing video games.

Lastly, I am happy that the Raptors won tonight. I look forward to seeing how they will fare against the Warriors on Thursday night.

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