Journal Entry – VIII

Was a challenging day at work today. I felt like my face was even more swollen than yesterday. One pill of Advil was not enough. I wanted to reduce the dosage so I didn't get dizzy at work, but my jaw and gums kept gnawing the whole time. Two pills of Advil seems like a good compromise for now.

For lunch, I bought a large Green Tea Tango smoothie from Smoothie King. The lady asked me, “Did you want the big one? Or the big, big one?” I didn't know how full I would get from drinking a smoothie for lunch, so I told her, “I want the big, big one.”

A large Green Tea Tango smoothie with bananas was surprisingly good enough to fill my tummy for lunch. I didn't get hungry again until like past 4 and even then, I still had some leftover smoothie.

Lastly I've decided not to use my custom domain name on this online journal. I don't know what got into me, but this was always supposed to be an anonymous personal online journal. Using my custom domain name on here, which is tied to my real name, would totally defeat the purpose of a privacy focused blogging platform.

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