Journal Entry – VII

Today was Day 1 post op since my 4 wisdom teeth were taken out. Not as painful as I thought it would be. Though it probably helps that I'm taking a lot of pain meds. The post op instructions even stated to stagger the dosages of Advil and Acetaminophen, every 3 hours. That Acetaminophen prescription I got though makes me really drowsy, so I won't be taking that at work tomorrow.

The hardest part today was not being able to eat solid foods. My mom cooked some roasted chicken for lunch that I couldn't eat, it made me sad. All I ate today was smoothies and Jello. Actually that's all I've been eating since yesterday. I'm a little scared to eat solid foods because I could see the holes in my mouth from where the teeth were taken out. I don't want to risk getting any food in them. I'll just endure eating mushy food for 1 week. Which reminds me, I have no idea what I'll be eating at work tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some more smoothies; thankfully there is a Smoothie King near my office.

I have some memory loss from yesterday. I know the doctor said they would do an IV conscious sedation, but I don't remember anything from the operation until after it was done. So I take that to mean, I wasn't really conscious during the procedure. I remember everything up to the point that they hooked me up to the IV, but I can hardly remember the things that happened after. I remember waking up after the operation was done, but I don't remember how I got in the car. I don't remember if the nurse or my wife assisted me while walking to the car. I don't remember the route my wife took to get home. I can hardly remember the drive home, other than my wife going through the Smoothie King drive through. It is a very weird feeling. I suppose that is how it feels to have amnesia.

Davin threw a tantrum today when I told him I could not carry him. I was instructed not to lift heavy objects or strain myself. Little Davin couldn't understand though. He kept crying and crying and crying. Eventually I gave up and carried him. Thankfully my mouth didn't bleed from the effort.

It was Mother's Day today. Apart from greeting my mom and my wife a happy Mother's Day, I or we, didn't do anything special. I'm a little disappointed in that. It was bad timing that I had to get my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. We should have gone to lunch or did something special, but I was really in no position to do so. I want to make up for that, maybe a week from now when my mouth has fully healed.

I am really starting to like writing journal entries here on Something about writing down a summary of how my day went, seems to make me feel better. I am enjoying it so much that I am now also considering using a subdomain of my custom domain name, for this online journal. If I do that, it means this will no longer be a somewhat anonymous online journal. It means that when you search my name on Google or Bing, this online journal will most likely come up as a search result. On one hand, it will allow family members, relatives and friends to find this online journal. On the other, so will other people, like my coworkers or recruiters or future employers. I don't know if that is good or bad.

My plan was to keep this online journal separate from my professional blog/website, because of the more personal nature of the content on here. However I don't see the advantage of keeping it separate when random strangers on the internet can already read my journal from the feed. Wouldn't it make more sense to allow people who personally know me to find this online journal as well? I don't know. This balance between being professional and personal online, is something that I haven't been able to figure out yet.

One thing I know though, is that I think it would be really cool if someday in the future, when I'm no longer in this world, my son and my grand kids, would end up reading this online journal. I've already talked about my son in the few posts I already have on here. I wonder what his reaction would be when reads it in the future.

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