Journal Entry – IX

Best thing I learned today is that Code Geass is now on Netflix! This is one of the really good ones that I remember watching in the past. The story and the plot twists were nicely done. I will definitely be re-watching it.

Finally got to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode. Disappointed and angry, I’ll leave it at that.

It’s been awhile but I got a new post up on my dev blog. Impostor syndrome was starting to kick in, that or I was just getting lazy. However, I was inspired by something Scott Hanselman said with regards to blogging, he said “we are all amateurs.” So don’t worry about it and just keep blogging. If you’re wrong, someone on the internet will correct you and you will have learned something new.

Lastly, I was looking for an alternative to Google Analytics and found Statcounter. It seems easy enough to add to my dev blog so I’m giving it a try.

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