Journal Entry – IV

Had a simple dinner with the wife and Davin at a new Olive Garden that just opened up nearby.

Davin decided to spice up the night by throwing a tantrum, right as we were going to leave for dinner. Little guy was crying the whole time during the short drive, but as soon as Grandpa offered to carry him in the parking lot, he stopped crying immediately and started smiling and was his usual jolly self. What a faker.

Back to that new Olive Garden. This was probably the nicest Olive Garden we’ve ever been to. It helps that it is new, but the layout and spacing inside is a lot better than the others we’ve been to before. Tried the Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara, it was a very good choice. Still have some leftovers, which I’ll be taking to work later.

Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures, but I guess that tells you where our priorities lie nowadays.

I’ll tell you something though, just because there’s no photos of it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It did happen, we were just living in the moment.

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