Journal Entry – 080 | #PandemicLife

Note: These journal entries were written down months ago. In this one, I start to talk more about what life was/is like living in a world ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

Quiet Saturday. We pretty much stayed at home. Most people did anyway because of the social distancing rules in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are running out of paper towels though. So, eventually one of us will have to go out and buy those soon.

Since we wash hands more often nowadays, I noticed that I consume a lot of paper towels for drying my hands. Told Coney that we should buy hand towels for the restroom. At least those towels can be washed and re-used. That's something we'll have to buy this coming week.

I started playing XCOM 2 while Davin was sleeping. I was in the mission prep section of the game. It is a part of the game where the game's soundtrack sounds so good. It is so good that Davin loves to hum along. Anyway, as far as I could tell, Davin was still sleeping at that time. His eyes were closed and he didn't get up anytime recently. But it was funny that he started humming along while he was still sleeping.😄

A person I know keeps watching a certain news channel. And I think it is turning him/her into an angry person. I didn't realize how much bias there is with cable news. Any chance they could get, they would go on about how incompetent someone is. While they may have a point, constantly slinging mud is not the way to convince people to vote for the other side.

For more on that, see this post by Ryan Holiday, which I touched upon here. And while you're at it, read this post too.

Played NBA 2K19 earlier today while carrying Baby Caleb. I was able to do so by using the Simulcast Live feature. This feature does a real time simulation of the game where you get to play the game like a coach. You get to call plays and set offensive and defensive plans. But you can't control the individual players in this mode. The great thing about this mode, is that when I put Baby Caleb down in his crib, I was able to jump into the game and play the game like usual.

Next day...

Coney shared a beautiful post in Facebook. It is about learning not to take things for granted after the world gets through this coronavirus pandemic.

A good reminder to not take things for granted.

One of my rules with the use of Facebook is to only allow myself to click the Like button after making a comment. I didn't realize how difficult it is to write a comment sometimes. It requires effort to think about what to say. It is so much easier to just hit Like and move on, which is why I really believe a Like means a lot less than a comment.

I'm still struggling to find time to write entries on my bullet journal. The arrival of a new baby at home, means I have less idle time that I can use to sit down and write entries on my journal. A few nights ago, I tried to make time to write entries on my bullet journal. Coney got annoyed with me because I ended up leaving her with two kids that needed attention at the same time. So, I've taken to writing journal entries now on OneNote. I've started doing so last week, when we were at the urgent care clinic for Davin's appointment. When I'm out, I can write entries on my phone. But I would prefer to write entries on a desktop computer or laptop. This would be a compromise for now, until I can get back to a place where I can easily write entries on my bullet journal. Having to work from home also doesn't help. My makeshift work desk is cluttered and so I have no place to write. I'm guessing if I can clear out my desk, I should be able to get back into an environment where I can write, at least during the day.

This post is Day 70 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Visit to get more info, or to get involved.

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