Journal Entry – 079

Ever since we took my table out of the room, plus Baby Caleb's arrival at home, I have had a hard time keeping my bullet journal updated. I have taken to writing entries on my phone whenever I get a chance.

Still have been sleeping on the floor. Woke up with my hip bones hurting. One thing I have learned from sleeping on the floor the past few days, is that it is best to do so on your back. I might have to look into a floor mattress or one of those futons that the Japanese use.

I was sleeping on top of a comforter and that was it. No mattress or anything like that. While great for straightening my back, it was uncomfortable most of the time.

Coney made an appointment at a Cook Children's Urgent Care clinic. It was easy compared to Care Now. There was no need for a follow up call prior to confirming the web check-in appointment. You just had to show up at the designated time. Their website also shows the next available check-in time, which is cool.

Typing this up on my phone at a Cooks Children's Urgent Care Clinic. What a really nice clinic! The waiting area is huge, with loads of kids' specific stuff to keep them engaged while waiting.

Coney said Davin did really well. His vitals were checked and he didn’t make it hard for the nurse or doctor to check him. His urine was clear and they had to send it for urine culture analysis. For now he has been prescribed some antibiotics.

Next day...

Quiet Sunday. Since Masses have been cancelled, we pretty much just stayed home.

Watched Formula 1: Drive to Survive, played some XCOM 2, Civ6 and some Forza 6.

I have not played Forza 6 in a long time. But the combination of reading some posts from the blog Honk and watching Formula 1: Drive to Survive episodes made me fire up the old game.

Davin is making it hard for us to give him his meds. At one point, I had to carry him and hold him tight just so Coney can give him his meds.😑

Next day...

Working only half-day at the office since Baby Caleb had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. At least, that was the plan. But then management decided to have half of the dev team work from home for the rest of the day. Since I was going to be out in the afternoon, I was one of those chosen to go home.

This entry was written down months ago. Now that I look back on it, this was actually the first time my employer allowed some of us in the dev team to work from home.

Next day...

Today was the first day that the whole dev team was allowed to work from home. This is all because of the coronavirus. I for one am really looking forward to working from home. Not having to drive to work saves me time and money.

Since we were working from home now, I finally installed the Microsoft Teams app on my phone. The app is pretty good. It can do video calls and can even accept screen sharing during meetings.

Started reading the book Hardwiring Happiness. Looks promising.

One weird problem with working from home, is that I'm hungrier than usual. When I'm working at the office, my food cravings are usually minimal. That was probably due to the fact that I know I have limited food and snacks with me. However, when I'm at home, I know I can check the fridge anytime. This seems to make me hungrier.

Next day...

Another day that we can work from home. I can get used to this.

On my lunch break, I decided to get food from Panda Express. I haven't driven my car for a week already, so I drove around for a bit before arriving at my destination. I decided to try and see if I can order takeout from inside. While you can't dine in, you can still order takeout. This is another one of those safety measures that they are trying to follow to hopefully stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Again note that these journal entries were written down months ago. In hindsight, I shouldn't have gone inside to order takeout. I should have just gone to the drive-thru. I distinctly remember that there were a number of people inside. And we weren't wearing masks.😬

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